Spokane’s Featuring Classic Novels

24 Jan

Boo Radley’s and Atticus coffee shop will make all of those To Kill A Mockingbird fans feel as if they are in the middle of Harper Lee’s classic novel. Both stores sit next to each other in the middle of downtown Spokane on Howard St.

Boo Radley’s is a difficult shop to explain. It is full of eclectic treasures and silly trinkets. You can find anything from books of awkward family photos to Flintstone lunch boxes. Boo Radley’s is a great place to find a goofy birthday presents and serves as a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The store will keep you busy for hours of entertainment and laughter. Most people enjoy finding toys from their childhood like Gumby and Pokémon cards.

Before heading into Boo Radley’s, stop at Atticus coffee shop next door. The coffee shop is connected to an small antique store. Stationary, clocks and used books fill the shelves of the store.I once found the most organized and useful 2010 planner and a beautiful leather journal for an affordable price. The store also offers homemade cards.  Shelves of loose leaf tea cover the back of the shop. Come enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea at Atticus coffee shop today.


Great for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

20 Jan

Luna is a perfect place to grab brunch on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant is filled with crystal glasses full of burgundy liquid, shelves of baked bread and customers full and merry. The atmosphere is warm and inviting as the sounds of crisp bacon sizzling on the skillet and the buzz of people chatting fill the room.   The breakfast is delicious and cheap. For under $10 you can order cinnamon french toast topped with maple bananas or warm steel cut oats with cranberries, maple and steamed milk. I would suggest ordering black coffee with your brunch because it comes in a white mug, with a saucer of milk and sugar. The lunch and dinner menus are more expensive but the restaurant and bakery still serves and a great place to eat anytime of the day. Happy Hour occurs from 4-6 p.m. daily where you can get $2 off cocktails, $4 off wine and $1 off all beers. Luna provides cheap yet fancy appetizers during Happy Hour as well.

Luna receives fresh bread from Bouzies Bakery daily. Customers can purchase an assortment of specialty bread as well as Luna’s specialty bread. Luna provides customers with catering services and special (expensive) activities. February 7  marks Luna’s Duckhorn Wine Dinner. For $95, you can get five courses and four specialty wines. Valentine’s day is coming up, and a dinner for two at Luna would be a great way to spend the evening.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday …
Lunch: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Mid Afternoon Menu: 3:00pm – 5:00
Dinner: 5:00 pm – close

Saturday and Sunday …
Brunch: 9:00am – 2:00 pm
Mid Afternoon Menu: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm – close

2 Scoops, Please!

19 Jan

Ice cream is the perfect treat on a sunny, summer afternoon. In the right atmosphere, ice cream is also satisfying in the winter. The Scoop is a quaint ice cream and coffee shop on the South Hill. The shop is tucked away in the middle of a neighborhood making it possible for kids to enjoy ice cream with the friends after school, or bring families together after dinner. Customers keep coming back for the unique flavors the shop offers. The owners make their own ice cream.Some of the favorite flavors are:

Muddy Cups and Dirty Dishes–  vanilla ice cream mixed in with chocolate chunks and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Molasses Cookie– the sweet, buttery flavor the molasses will melt in your mouth.

Horchatahorchata is a Latin American drink made with milk, cinnamon, vanilla and rice. This ice cream tastes exactly like the creamy drink. The cinnamon adds a spicy flavor.

Rasberry Sorbet– For all of you who are lactose-intolerant, ice cream lovers. This raspberry flavor is the best sorbet. It is has the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

The Scoop also offers a large selection of coffee drinks, snacks and meals. The inside of the shop has a limited amount of seating but provides a “kids corner” filled with books, board games and markers. At night the shop is covered in twinkle lights the size of fireflies and is full of happy spirits. Come to the Scoop today and enjoy two scoops of Muddy Cups and Dirty Dishes!

Le Petit Chat Village Bakery

18 Jan

Warm loaves of bread made fresh every morning. Cinnamon rolls covered in a creamy frosting. Pastries stuffed with huckleberry, strawberry or chocolate filling. Le Petit Chat offers all of these mouth-watering treats and more. This small bakery bakes many different kinds of pastries and always has hot and cold drinks available. The unlimited drip coffee is delicious and goes great with a cinnamon roll. Le Petit Chat is located on N. Waikiki Rd near Whitworth University. The shop is usually filled with students eating an after school snack.  Seating is limited, especially on a busy day but the service is great. Each customer, especially if you are a regular, will expect a warm welcome anytime you enter the store.

For under $5 you can purchase a pastry and a warm cup of Black Chat coffee. The bakery also provides meals like tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. The bread is delicious and is freshly baked each morning. You will not be disappointed with this small, French bakery.

Making a difference, one family at a time

18 Jan

Spokane is full of organizations that are making a difference. Global Neighborhood is a non-profit organization that seeks to help refugees integrate into the Spokane community. The term refugee refers to people who have left their homeland because of persecution or hardship. Brent and Amy Hendricks devote started the non-profit out of faith. They had no idea where God would take them on this difficult journey. Their mission is to build long-lasting friendships and provide for the refugees basic needs. The refugees need to find a way to learn English, buy groceries for themselves and integrate into American culture in order to survive. The volunteers at Global Neighborhood take one day out of their week to spend time with a refugee family. Global Neighborhood is always in need of volunteers because the refugee population in Spokane continues to grow.

Brent and Amy are preparing to open a Thrift store that will provide refugees with work experience. The refugees struggle because they cannot speak English well which also means they can’t provide for their family. The Thrift store would provide opportunities for the refugees to work. Brent and Amy have a vision to start an intensive English class in order to prepare the refugees for work at the Thrift store. Many people donated their belongings to the Thrift store giving Global Neighborhood the jump start they need. Make sure to support Global Neighborhood once their store is open, because the organization has been changing lives and giving people opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

So Many Decisions

13 Jan

People who live in Spokane love coffee. The city offers a diverse array of coffee shops, giving you the opportunity to have a different experience at each one. If you think about it, people in America spend a lot of money on coffee. If you are spending $ 5 on a cup of coffee a day, you are spending $100 a month. To most people though, it’s worth it. I want to feature a couple of coffee shops throughout Spokane that you may or may not be aware of.

North Side Pleasant Blends is a gourmet coffee and tea house filled with shelves of different loose-leaf teas and a full coffee bar. The atmosphere is small and quiet which is a nice change from the loud, bustling Starbucks atmosphere. The tea is delicious and comes in flavors like Wild Huckleberry and Green Market Spice. You will not be disappointed with the coffee. Pleasant Blends provides you with an opportunity to try something new like a cheesecake chai. It is a little too sweet for my taste but people love it! If you are on the North side and are looking for a nice cup of coffee or tea come to Pleasant Blends!

Downtown One cold evening in November, a friend and I needed to find a place to sit and rest after a long walk downtown. We stumbled upon Brews Brothers coffee shop on the corner of Sprague and Post. The shop walls are covered in a warm yellow and the coffee is even better. The shop also has a great selection of beer. My friend and I played Mancala and different card games throughout the night. The atmosphere is comfortable and makes you forget about the snow and the cold outside. We will definitely be visiting again soon.

South Hill The Rockwood Bakery is one of my favorite coffee shops in Spokane. This coffee shop is more known than the others and is located across the street from Manito Park. The bakery used to be an old grocery store and is nestled into a lovely neighborhood. If the weather is nice, sit outside with an iced latte and enjoy the quiet. On a bleak January afternoon, enjoy your hot coffee on a cozy couch. In my opinion, this coffee shop has the best coffee and the service friendly.

Local Artists Share Their Creativity

11 Jan

Each month, this locally owned gallery exhibits talented artists and gives them an opportunity to feature their paintings and sculptures to the public…for free! The gallery not only displays a wide array of art, but also sells a variety of books including one of the largest selections of art books in Spokane. Fantasy novels and other literature can also be found throughout the store.  The atmosphere is quiet and serene, giving you the opportunity to experience and really take in each painting. This month, Jo Frye is featuring his acrylic paintings and mixed media. His art will be displayed until the 29th of January, so make sure to stop by the gallery before the end of the month and see his spectacular masterpieces.

The gallery also provides different activities to the public that include book readings, lectures and art classes taught by professionals. If you are interested in taking an art class, come to the Tinman Gallery this Saturday, January 15th from 5-9pm as professional artist George Flett will be teaching his techniques. Space is limited, so call (509)-325-1500 and reserve your spot today!