Back to the 1950’s

7 Jan

Ferguson’s Café is nestled amongst other local shops and galleries in the middle of Garland Avenue. This family owned restaurant makes you feel as if you stepped into a 1950’s Diner. The floor is covered in a splash of yellow and white tile and the soda fountain and bar stools sit neatly in the middle of the room. The friendly atmosphere invites adults with their buttery biscuits topped with thick gravy and the Eggs Benedict served with the perfect amount of lemony tang in a sauce that covers the sunny side up eggs. Children jump at the chance to sit at the bar and watch the warm chocolate layering the tops of the sweet vanilla ice cream. Don’t plan on being ignored by the waiters and waitresses; in fact be prepared to feel like a close friend because the service is plenty and laughter seems to sweep over even the grumpiest of guests. This little café stands out from others on Garland Ave because most places close between 4 and 6, while Ferguson’s is open until 8. Come over to 804 W. Garland Ave for breakfast, lunch or dinner for 10$ or under; you will not regret it.


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