The Vintage Rabbit

10 Jan

  Looking for affordable, yet quality antiques? The Vintage Rabbit has exactly what you are looking for. This independent business offers great prices and pretty much anything from old books and typewriters to high quality furniture. Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything, this antique shop will give you and your friends something to do on a boring Saturday afternoon. You will find yourself lost in a sea of nostalgia as you walk through many rooms filled with old dolls, china, shoes and jewelry. The store is covered in many little trinkets and treasures that may be hard to find, but the friendly staff is always willing to help.

Fresh, coffee is offered for free so that as you find yourself weaving in and out of each room, you can enjoy something warm to sip on. The store is open from 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and is open from 12-5 pm on Sunday. The shop is located at 2317 N. Monroe St which is located close to other quirky antique shops like Area 58 giving you the opportunity to experience another shop close by.  Come to the Vintage Rabbit today and enjoy an afternoon of many affordable treats.


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