2 Scoops, Please!

19 Jan

Ice cream is the perfect treat on a sunny, summer afternoon. In the right atmosphere, ice cream is also satisfying in the winter. The Scoop is a quaint ice cream and coffee shop on the South Hill. The shop is tucked away in the middle of a neighborhood making it possible for kids to enjoy ice cream with the friends after school, or bring families together after dinner. Customers keep coming back for the unique flavors the shop offers. The owners make their own ice cream.Some of the favorite flavors are:

Muddy Cups and Dirty Dishes–  vanilla ice cream mixed in with chocolate chunks and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Molasses Cookie– the sweet, buttery flavor the molasses will melt in your mouth.

Horchatahorchata is a Latin American drink made with milk, cinnamon, vanilla and rice. This ice cream tastes exactly like the creamy drink. The cinnamon adds a spicy flavor.

Rasberry Sorbet– For all of you who are lactose-intolerant, ice cream lovers. This raspberry flavor is the best sorbet. It is has the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

The Scoop also offers a large selection of coffee drinks, snacks and meals. The inside of the shop has a limited amount of seating but provides a “kids corner” filled with books, board games and markers. At night the shop is covered in twinkle lights the size of fireflies and is full of happy spirits. Come to the Scoop today and enjoy two scoops of Muddy Cups and Dirty Dishes!


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