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Spokane’s Featuring Classic Novels

24 Jan

Boo Radley’s and Atticus coffee shop will make all of those To Kill A Mockingbird fans feel as if they are in the middle of Harper Lee’s classic novel. Both stores sit next to each other in the middle of downtown Spokane on Howard St.

Boo Radley’s is a difficult shop to explain. It is full of eclectic treasures and silly trinkets. You can find anything from books of awkward family photos to Flintstone lunch boxes. Boo Radley’s is a great place to find a goofy birthday presents and serves as a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The store will keep you busy for hours of entertainment and laughter. Most people enjoy finding toys from their childhood like Gumby and Pokémon cards.

Before heading into Boo Radley’s, stop at Atticus coffee shop next door. The coffee shop is connected to an small antique store. Stationary, clocks and used books fill the shelves of the store.I once found the most organized and useful 2010 planner and a beautiful leather journal for an affordable price. The store also offers homemade cards.  Shelves of loose leaf tea cover the back of the shop. Come enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea at Atticus coffee shop today.