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Making a difference, one family at a time

18 Jan

Spokane is full of organizations that are making a difference. Global Neighborhood is a non-profit organization that seeks to help refugees integrate into the Spokane community. The term refugee refers to people who have left their homeland because of persecution or hardship. Brent and Amy Hendricks devote started the non-profit out of faith. They had no idea where God would take them on this difficult journey. Their mission is to build long-lasting friendships and provide for the refugees basic needs. The refugees need to find a way to learn English, buy groceries for themselves and integrate into American culture in order to survive. The volunteers at Global Neighborhood take one day out of their week to spend time with a refugee family. Global Neighborhood is always in need of volunteers because the refugee population in Spokane continues to grow.

Brent and Amy are preparing to open a Thrift store that will provide refugees with work experience. The refugees struggle because they cannot speak English well which also means they can’t provide for their family. The Thrift store would provide opportunities for the refugees to work. Brent and Amy have a vision to start an intensive English class in order to prepare the refugees for work at the Thrift store. Many people donated their belongings to the Thrift store giving Global Neighborhood the jump start they need. Make sure to support Global Neighborhood once their store is open, because the organization has been changing lives and giving people opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.