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Le Petit Chat Village Bakery

18 Jan

Warm loaves of bread made fresh every morning. Cinnamon rolls covered in a creamy frosting. Pastries stuffed with huckleberry, strawberry or chocolate filling. Le Petit Chat offers all of these mouth-watering treats and more. This small bakery bakes many different kinds of pastries and always has hot and cold drinks available. The unlimited drip coffee is delicious and goes great with a cinnamon roll. Le Petit Chat is located on N. Waikiki Rd near Whitworth University. The shop is usually filled with students eating an after school snack.  Seating is limited, especially on a busy day but the service is great. Each customer, especially if you are a regular, will expect a warm welcome anytime you enter the store.

For under $5 you can purchase a pastry and a warm cup of Black Chat coffee. The bakery also provides meals like tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. The bread is delicious and is freshly baked each morning. You will not be disappointed with this small, French bakery.


So Many Decisions

13 Jan

People who live in Spokane love coffee. The city offers a diverse array of coffee shops, giving you the opportunity to have a different experience at each one. If you think about it, people in America spend a lot of money on coffee. If you are spending $ 5 on a cup of coffee a day, you are spending $100 a month. To most people though, it’s worth it. I want to feature a couple of coffee shops throughout Spokane that you may or may not be aware of.

North Side Pleasant Blends is a gourmet coffee and tea house filled with shelves of different loose-leaf teas and a full coffee bar. The atmosphere is small and quiet which is a nice change from the loud, bustling Starbucks atmosphere. The tea is delicious and comes in flavors like Wild Huckleberry and Green Market Spice. You will not be disappointed with the coffee. Pleasant Blends provides you with an opportunity to try something new like a cheesecake chai. It is a little too sweet for my taste but people love it! If you are on the North side and are looking for a nice cup of coffee or tea come to Pleasant Blends!

Downtown One cold evening in November, a friend and I needed to find a place to sit and rest after a long walk downtown. We stumbled upon Brews Brothers coffee shop on the corner of Sprague and Post. The shop walls are covered in a warm yellow and the coffee is even better. The shop also has a great selection of beer. My friend and I played Mancala and different card games throughout the night. The atmosphere is comfortable and makes you forget about the snow and the cold outside. We will definitely be visiting again soon.

South Hill The Rockwood Bakery is one of my favorite coffee shops in Spokane. This coffee shop is more known than the others and is located across the street from Manito Park. The bakery used to be an old grocery store and is nestled into a lovely neighborhood. If the weather is nice, sit outside with an iced latte and enjoy the quiet. On a bleak January afternoon, enjoy your hot coffee on a cozy couch. In my opinion, this coffee shop has the best coffee and the service friendly.